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* Relax Your Mind * Heal Your Body * Refresh Your Soul *

Massage – Not Just a Luxury, A Necessity

I am sure most of you have had a massage at one time or another. Also, you have heard us suggest massage on several occasions. Today, I am going to talk about the benefits of massage so hopefully you will not only view massage as a treat but as a necessity to maintain good health. Massage therapy is not just reserved for athletes or for those in rehabilitation from injury. Massage is of benefit to everyone.  Massage is medically defined as: “systematic therapeutic stroking or kneading of the body” Yes, massage is a treat but it also should be viewed as muscle therapy.

An Idea is Born

Giving a very high quality of care is a must for me! I love listening to my clients needs and then listening to what their bodies tell me as we do the work together. Whether it's just to relax and escape, or if we need to do some more focused work, I am glad to help! Making a difference in peoples lives one session at a time is a blessing I have been gifted in this life.

Spa Therapist

Certificate Of Achievement :-

* Bangkok Spa Academy 2009
             Spa Business   Administration 
* Thammasat University 
             Spa & Beauty 2009
* Banyan Tree Spa Academy 2008
* Medical School Foot       Reflexology 2005
* Traditional Medicine Society 
             Aromatherapy Massage 2005
* Medical School Yoga Massage    2004